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Welcome to the Mount Gravatt Photographic Society



At an online vote held by the Management Committee the following motion was passed...All meetings for the Months of March and April are here-by CANCELLED. The meetings of the various Sub-Groups will therefore be suspended also.
What this means is that due to our Duty Of Care [the Committee] to our members and the community at large, all face to face Club Sanctioned meetings and activities will be placed on hold for that time period.
The Lighting Group will be suspended as will the Digital Group.
If a Sub-Group is able to arrange a non-face to face way to continue their interaction, then they are at liberty to do so.
This notice only concerns Club activities and not your personal life of course.
The Committee is taking this action in response to concerns raised to various Committee members. Our membership consists largely of the age groups that have been identified as those at the greater risk in the current climate of concern. We would be negligent to not act.

Gary Silk


The Mount Gravatt Photographic Society is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. We are the largest photography club in Queensland, currently having about one hundred fifty members.

The club provides two regular meetings a month which include competition judging with accredited photographic judges, workshops, guest speakers and demonstrations. Visitors are always welcome. Group activities range from half-day outings to weekends at ideal photographic locations in South-East Queensland and North-East New South Wales.

All members are welcome to attend and are encouraged to participate if they can. The club also has informal subgroups including Monochrome Group, National/Internationals Group, Beginners Group and a Digital Photography Group, that usually meet once a month.

Meeting Times

Second Wednesday - Lecture/Guest Speaker
Fourth Wednesday - Monthly Competition Judging
Meeting Time - 7.30pm

Meeting Place

Club Meetings are held at St. Bartholomew's Church Hall.
Corner of Logan rd and Mountain Street Mt.Gravatt.

Aims of Our Club

The Mount Gravatt Photographic Society is a community-based non-profit camera club that is affiliated with the Photographic Society of Queensland. The club was formed in February 1967 by a small group of enthusiastic amateur photographers.

The Aims of Mount Gravatt Photographic Society:

  • To foster a love of the art of photography amongst its members and in the community
  • To assist members with problems appertaining to photography
  • To achieve a more fruitful alliance between the beginner and the experienced photographer
  • To present lectures on photography for beginners
  • To arrange competitions both within the Society and with other bodies from time to time


PSQ - Photographic Society of Queensland

Represents affiliated Clubs in Queensland. MGPS is one of 45 Clubs. The Annual PSQ Convention is held over the May Long Weekend and alternates between Brisbane & Country Venues.

APS - Australian Photographic Society

The APS is a National Boday of Photographers that provides services to its Members and sets standards for accredited photographic competitions which it endorses. It is open to individual Members and Clubs. APS has an annual convention, APSCON, in each State on an alternative basis. Membership also includes the Australian Photography magazine, delvered monthly, as well as the opportunity to be involved in Print, Digital and Audio Visual Folios.

Tips from our A-Graders

  • Ron Sharples

    Learn your camera; Take your time and do not hurry; Don’t let others feel you need to hasten just because they are finished; Remember, if you miss the photo there is another one around the corner; Look around and move with the light and the subject; Don’t take hundreds of photos, just take your best.
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