Welcome to the Mt Gravatt Photographic Society Inc. (MGPS).  I am pleased that you have decided to join the club and commit yourself to photography.

We are one of the largest photographic clubs in Queensland.  Our members are from all walks of life with a wide variety of photographic skills and experience.  No matter which area of photography you are interested in and what level your skills are at, you will always get the support and guidance required to help you develop your skills and creativity.  Please do not hesitate to ask our friendly members if you have any questions.

To start with, I encourage you to:

  • attend club meetings regularly.
  • participate in monthly competitions.
  • participate in outings and other practical activities.
  • participate in the various special interest groups.

These activities will not only help you develop your skills, but also assist you to form a routine and gain space for your photographic interest in your already busy life.

Once you are comfortable with your new routine with the club, you may think about helping others and taking voluntary club positions.

While this "Blue Book" explains how the Club is run, you will find the latest information on your club activities in our regular newsletter "Exposure" and on our website:   www.mgps.org.au

Welcome and happy shooting.

President MGPS

Ian Sweetman


Member Handbook Version March 2023

Dowload the BYLAWS Here 30/08