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Julie Geldard Presentation

Julie Geldard

"Use your camera as a paint brush with Creative in camera Photographic Art techniques".

Wednesday, 14 October, 2020 MGPS Zoom  meeting.

Kangaroo Point Photo Shoot

Monthly Photo Shoots

Date                     Friday 16 Oct 2020

Friday Evening:          5.00 pm to 8.00pm (or later)

Meet Time:                  5.00 pm

Sunset:                        6.02 pm

Dark:                           6:56 pm

Meet at:                       Parking area just past the Capt Cook Bridge on the cliffs walk.

Shooting:                     Shoot from River level of Kangaroo Point cliffs

Challenge:                   Shoot climbers on cliffs after twilight, or a ghost ferry on the river, create star shapes on the building lights in the CBD or shoot upriver and against the sunset


Coffee at:                    8.00 pm @

Notes:                          Parking can be difficult to find

                                    Tripod may be useful

                                    Bring your ND Filters

                                    Bring your flash

                                    I suggest car pooling or Public Transport

At this time of the day the river will be in shadow but you will still be able to get some good shots as the lights in the city come on, I expect the Cliffs will also be in shadow by 4.00 pm, but there are some interesting shots of the climbers when the cliff lights come on.


I have shot from here alone on a number of occasions without any problems, so long as we are in company there should not be any problems.