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June 2021 Photo Shoot

Monthly Photo Shoot @ Brisbane Airport, Plane Spotting
Date Sunday 20 June 2021
Meet Time 2:00pm till Dark?
Sunset /SunriseTime  
Daylight/Dark Time  
Meet at “The Loop” Plane spotting parking area. This is considered to be one of the premium sites to photograph aircraft in Australia
Shooting This is a well known plane spotting area at Brisbane Airport, it provides good coverage of aircraft landing and taking off and of aircraft moving to the new runway.
Sunday between 2 and 5 pm are pretty busy so you will see plenty of action
Challenge Don’t be put off if you are not interested in “Planes” This is a skill level we have not yet used, and getting  focus etc on a fast moving object is a challenge.
You may even see some exotic airline brands.
The thrill is in the capture!
Getting there Take airport drive to the terminal, and keep in the right hand lane, Just before the drop off area turn left into Drylander Rd  go under the tunnel and then right into Acacia St the “Loop is at the end of the Street. See attached Map
Notes This location is at the airport, but a fair distance from the terminal, you will need Transport. There is a 3 metre fence surrounding the loop and you are required to keep 3 m away from the fence so bring a ladder, step or stool to stand on. There is a hardstand on which to set ladders or stools
Comments The closest toilet facilities are in the terminal and there is no drinking water.
Parking may be a problem so I suggest Carpooling if possible.
Safety There are no safety issues

Turn left here

Meet here at the “Loop”

Planes takeoff and land along here

Meet here

We will meet here at the picnic area

May Photo Shoot MGPS

Monthly Photo Shoot @

Wyaralong Dam Picnic area



Saturday 22 May 2021


Meet Time



Sunset /SunriseTime

5:04pm   Moonrise at 2:12pm and is a New Moon so the sky will be very dark


Daylight/Dark Time



Meet at

Wyaralong Dam Picnic area



Shoot into the Sunset around the dam, and follow up with some Star/Astro shots if the weather is suitable The 22nd is a New Moon so it should be quite dark.



Tree silhouettes against the sunset, some reverse sunsets into the bush and picnic area, Look to the Heavens for inspiration for night shots using flashlights and star light. Maybe some light trails. I suggest we will all be ready to leave by about 9:00pm but the option to stay later is there if you wish.


Coffee at

Robs BBQ will be in action at around 3.30pm at a cost of $5 per Hamburger, please let me know if you would like to have one so that I can cater for all. There is no hot water so bring a thermos if you want a hot drink.



We are getting into the end of Autumn so it will be getting cold as the night goes on BRING A WARM JACKET AND HEADWEAR. The gates close for entry at 5:30pm but open automatically for egress, so we will be able to exit at any time.



This location is approximately 50Km from Mt Gravatt, so maybe we would car pool where possible. Check the map below for the exact location of the meet. Note that the entry to the dam is not well marked so keep a look out for it and don’t drive through to Kalbar


There is no lighting in the area so please be careful, watch your footing and bring a torch or similar