garysilkPresident - Gary Silk

I started taking pictures with Dad's Box Brownie in 1959 . It's been all downhill since, to be true, it has been fun all through the years. I went to Art College at Seven Hills to study photography P/T back in the 80's. I didn't finish as I became involved in the film industry after being there for 2yrs. 

I have no set niche of art that I follow but portraits, B/Architecture and macro get my juices flowing. I have been with MGPS since 2017 joining after the club I was in foundered and I still wanted to be involved to some degree in a functioning club.

My greatest joy in photography is PRINTING. I put that in capitals as that is how important I consider it to be. My philosophy is that until the image is a print in your hand it is not a photograph. I print all my own images on a Canon Pro 1 pigment ink printer {at present}. My workflow is fully controlled from capture to print, my camera at capture is calibrated, my monitor is calibrated, and my printer and papers are profiled. What this leads to is, "what is on my monitor is what is on my print”. I take pride in ensuring that this is always the case.


suzanneActivity Officer - Suzanne Edgeworth

I have always been interested in photography. When I bought a DSLR camera in 2010.I decided to try and improve my interest and I joined MGPS. Since then I have attended many photography classes and learnt so much by attending the club and making friends and talking with many inspirational photographers. I enjoy the company of other photographers and am continuing to learn all the time.


Secretary - Susan McCory

Vice President - Ian Sweetman



chrisseenTreasurer - Chris Seen

I became a Member of MGPS in July 2018, and took on the role of Treasurer    

 I took an interest in photography over 40 years ago and I was interested in learning about developing film, however that didn't happen. Then life took its course and I re-connected about 15 years ago with a Pentax 35mm, then in 2007 upgraded to my first DSLR and went digital with a Pentax K100D, and then in 2015 upgraded to a Pentax K3 .In 2015 I became serious about my images and capturing our travels, taking up  courses in Photoshop and Photography to learn how to process and edit images.



Newsletter Editor - Paul Mackay

Records Officer - Michael Mitchell. Info Coming soon!

Committee Member - Andrea Ryan. Info Coming soon!



Welcoming Officer Front Desk - Christine Jull

Welcoming Officer Desk - Janet Richardson

Assistant Treasurer - Wimal Kannangara

Digital Competitions Officer - Tony White

Competition Officer - Bruce McDonald

Competitions Assistant 1 - Trudi Aykens

Competitions Asistant 2 - Lekha Surrawerra

Equipment Co-ordinator - Gary O'shea

Interclub Competitions Officer - Suzanne Edgeworth

Librarian - Amanda Williams

Supper Convenor - Presently Vacant!

Welcome Officer Door - Joyce Metassa

Welcome Officer Door - Ian Hunter

Welcome Officer Door - Rick O'Shea

Zoom Officer - Rodney Topor

Activities Officer - Robert Vallance

Data Projectionist - Rodney Topor

PSQ Liaison - Sue Gordon

Website Co-ordinator - Kevin Dixon

Hunt and Shoot Coordinator - Sam Fernando


julieBeginners Group Coordinator - Julie Geldard

There is no substitute for passion and enthusiasm in life. As a photographer, I am grateful for my ability to always be alert for those magic moments. My art and images are a collection of these moments and are inspiration to myself and others. I have been involved with MGPS for 16 years, taking 7-8 years’ break to study art. I have returned to MGPS where the high standard of talent has inspired me to take up photography as a full time profession. The support and encouragement from the knowledgeable members of MGPS always leaves me astounded.

cheryl2Monochrome Group Coordinator - Cheryl Zwart

Although still relatively new to photography, I have been adjusting other people's photos for some years. I have worked in the publishing area for over 20 years, experiencing an amazing development of software and photography techniques. I have never worked in film, but I have been amazed at the quality of capture from that first digital camera to what we have today. I also train software applications applicable to the publishing industry. ie Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. My desire to learn more about photography led me to enquire at the Mount Gravatt Photographic Society and I have never looked back. The combined experience and ability of those that attend club are amazing and they are always willing to assist others in developing their skill. 

johnNational/International Group Coordinator - John North. Honours EFIAP, FAPS, SSAPS and PSQA

I joined the club back in 1981 (I think) and have been a financial member ever since. I have served on the committee in every position, including 2 years as President. In the mid 80’s I undertook the PSQ Judges training course with Bill Smit and have remained on the PSQ judges list since, judging in both Impact and Club an Inter Club and National judgings. In 2000 I became more active and re-entered the International scene. I was surprised there were very few entering Internationals. I raised the question – Who was interested, wanted to learn and start entering International Comps? From there on it’s history – there is now a very large following and many have gone on to receive National and International Honours. To date the International group has gained Gold Medals consecutively for the past 7 years in Austria.

As a result of my going to Linz to collect our 1st Gold Medal I was invited to judge in Austria in 2005. This is one of the largest Internationals in the world today and I have judged in 07 and 09. This was an enormous experience and thoroughly enjoyable getting me to areas I would never have seen before, I am occasionally asked, why am I still taking images? I am going to take my image tomorrow….Now, you think about that!

rodneyDigital Group Coordinator - Rodney Topor

I'm a retired IT academic who took up photography seriously before retirement as a hobby that combines technology and art. I dabble in all kinds of photography, whithout excelling in any. I like teaching, so I'm happy to coordinate the digital group, which is an intermediate-level forum that aims to develop members' photography, post-processing and artistic skills.